Frequently Asked Questions About Getting a Home Inspection

  • How long does an inspection take?


    Usually between 2-4 hours depending on the number of items to inspect and any unusual circumstances.

  • Do I have to be present during the inspection?


    It would be preferable if the client could attend all or a portion of the inspection to see firsthand any items that require attention to: improve, repair, replace or require further investigation. If you are unable to attend you can appoint an agent or have the report reviewed at a later time. We provide an old fashioned binder containing a Description of the component (What is Is) and a condition of the component (How it Is). The report also contains numerous articles, information, maintenance items about each component of the house and property. In addition a detailed email summary is provided same day with pictures describing all items that require your immediate review to make an informed decision.

  • Do you use specialized equipment?


    Yes, we use Carbon Monoxide detectors, Professional Moisture meters, simple electrical testers, probes, lights, etc We do not do any thermal imaging as we feel there are experts in this field that can provide this service and the professional advice if and when the situation arises. Our most used tool is our eyes, ears, experience and common sense.

  • Do you do a "TV" type inspection?


    No. The program depicts a unique approach to home inspections by a very successful builder and renovator that is beyond the scope of our limited and non-evasive inspection. We cannot remove or damage any house components without the consent of the owner, who in most of our inspections is the seller and is not our client.

  • What makes you better or different than other inspectors?


    HIABC inspectors have earned the AHI (Accredited Home Inspector) through a series of mandatory exams, a minimum of 250 inspections, peer reviews and regular educational requirements. Lorne has completed over 5000 home inspections and is still learning.We are licensed under the Business Practises and Consumer Protection Act of British Columbia to act as home inspectors. We carry both liability and E & O insurance.

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